May – Daisy * Ronda Features adult language and themes.*

I want to stay in Oz.

It was her favourite part. The few seconds right after the intensity of the hit slackened off a little. It was a small come down, but the start of at least four hours of feeling invincible.

She wiped her hand across her mouth, it came away with a smear of scarlet that looked bright against her pale skin.

The pain had been knocked back to a pleasant hum. It made her body feel active, alive. She could feel the blood flowing to her bruises, it beat against them rhythmically. The music she had on in the room synced up with her heartbeat. It was fast.

Darren had given her a bigger bag of meth this time. She dropped a few more rocks into her pipe and leaned forward, sitting on the edge of the bed to cook it.

The worse the abuse got, the better the drugs she was given.

She had become the parlour’s, specialist girl. Anyone with a strange fetish or violent fantasy found their way to her.

She’d had men that wanted to strangle her, others wanted to punch her. Some of them wanted her to hurt them. The guy with the knife felt like years ago. He hadn’t come back again.

Darren seemed pleased, she never asked him how much money the customer’s paid to use her. He made sure that any wounds were tended, and she was given time to fully recover between clients. The other girls took a liking to her as well. She figured she was saving them from having to do it.

She didn’t care anymore.

I don’t belong in that monotone world. Bad things happen there, but they happen to someone else. It isn’t me, it’s not my body.

She took a big draw from the pipe and held the smoke in for a long time before blowing it back out. This is the real world.

The thumping in her chest got faster, leaving the music behind.

She laid back on her bed, naked but warm. She felt the energy flowing around her body, it was like lightening flashing through her bones. She had so much energy but all she wanted to do was sit still and enjoy it as it surged through her. All her nerve endings tingled. She could have singled each one out and counted them.

Her eyes were wide, taking in everything around her. She could feel the colours and textures by looking at them.

The room began to get warmer. Beads of sweat formed all over her, she watched in fascinated interest as her pores spewed liquid out of her body.

Her breathing had quickened too. She was panting, as though she’d been running. The energy was within her, ready for release.

There was a loud banging noise downstairs and people shouting but Daisy ignored it.

There’s nothing for me in that mono world. Doesn’t matter what’s happening there.

The beat got faster. She wiped her hand across her flat belly smearing the sweat into a thin sheen. Her bruises pulsed and throbbed in time with the beat.

The energy gathered in her chest like the chemical reaction a split second before an explosion. The potential energy was pooling inside her ready to unleash its power.

Daisy’s mouth was dry, her lips felt taught as she smiled to herself.

A man burst into her room, her wore a helmet with a visor and held a baton out to her. “Police.”

The energy burst; licking down her left arm.

The beat stopped.

Fuck Kansas. I’m off to see the wizard.

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