Sliced Quarterly

Sliced Quarterly is an experimental comic anthology that aims to showcase simple, authentic, literary stories told in extraordinary ways. Creators are invited to test the traditional norms of the medium, and in so doing, elevate how they connect and communicate with the reader.

For 3 years I have edited this comic book anthology to collect some of the most exciting voices working on the indie scene. I have collaborated with over 100 creators to help them shape their scripts and art to tell stories that might struggle to find a publication home elsewhere. All digital issues are free to read and download on our website and we have a limited number of print collections for sale in our shop.

I have been giving Ken stories for over a year now, and I can safely say he has been essential to me improving as a writer. Ken’s style of editing observes you and offers you questions and advice that aren’t meant to be taken as an absolute, but instead cooks in your mind.
Kyle Houston – Sliced Quarterly