The Journal of Silas Pope (novel)

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These are the personal accounts of Silas Pope, a spymaster magician (or Thaumagere), who would rise to head up the British Occult Secret Service (BOSS) and protect the British Empire from occult threats.

Pope encounters fantastical beings from legend and folklore while also coming to terms with the events of his personal history that shape him into the man he would become.

From the pages of the Cognition comic book series this title widens the scope of that literary world and plunges the reader into the darkness of great power to explore those that have the responsibility of using it wisely.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Adam Jakes.

Think of a less stuck up Sherlock Holmes, combined with John Constantine being slightly less of a bastard, and a dash of a much less smug James Bond… That’s Silas Pope. Then add in a mixture of the occult, ancient mythology, spy craft and some fairly gruesome violence and you’re just getting a small taste of what this book covers

John Ottaway – Amazon review